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Peter Cavell

Post by normsherman » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:53 am

Most dearest Sir,

PLEASE. ALLOW me to introduce my self, I am man of wellth and my name is being Nickolas Lucius B. Al-Zibub. i am writing in reuqesting asisstance with matter very important and much secret. It is from a mutual contact my country Foreign internet Financail consulate that I am knowing your name.

In the civil unrest in my home country I have forced to flee and now am live in Exile. Thogh i am now as a refugee in this place, it is my distinct and honored pleasure to have flee my homeland in full Possession of my fortune some $21 million (TWENTY ONE MILLION) USD cash in United States cash dollars.

What may be puzzle you is the nature of my game? Since thanks to laws of country where now I refugee am, am not enabled to use fortune to lift my family above poverty but instead am keeping money in sum of 21million (TWENTY ONE-MILLION) in hiding under mattresses in shanty where I live.

So it is this reason for I am writing. Require honest, Christian united states investor to asist in transfer fundage to foreign bank account through open market. In thanks for you help in securing monies, am willing to sign over 2/3 of to your name (approximate 66%). Please helping? Land where am exile is very hot and unpleasant, and want better life hopefully move to united States.

To help is the easiest for you. Please draw on floor circle with own blood and saying my name thrice. Then renounce belief in your deity and post haste I send you agreed amount of cash to be devilered by UPS. There is nothing to lose.

Yours in hope and misery,

"Give us all some Jelly"