Elektrubadur: New Swedish short story podcast

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Elektrubadur: New Swedish short story podcast

Post by bkhl » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:45 pm

I have just launched a new short story podcast ("novellnätradioprogram", kallar jag det) in Swedish. Our first story is "Norrlandsproblematiken" ("The Norrland Problem"). A collective existential chrisis has caused the north of Sweden to be abandoned, and a philosopher specializing in metaphysics is sent from the university town of Uppsala to investigate and find a solution.

I didn't really intend to try and make a big splash right at the beginning, but rather start slow. However, some other people tipped of Old Media, and I've done interviews and answered e-mail press questions all day long. I hope that's a sign for the future.

I know The Drabblecast and other English language short story podcasts have a lot of listeners in Sweden (such as myself ;-)), and these podcasts are among my main inspirations, so it seemed appropriate to make an announcement here. In addition, The Drabblecast is my main reference for the general tone I ideally want for my podcast.

We won't do translations as a rule, since one of the points is to open up a new (though for the moment non-paying) market for short stories in Swedish, a somewhat languishing field. However, this Saturday we are doing a live group reading of Elizabeth Bear's "Tideline" (Escape Pod Episode 155) in translation, at Eurocon, where she is a GoH. It may show up as a podcast bonus episode if we can pull off a reasonable recording. (Zoom H1 FTW).

Don't know Swedish? Learn. If you don't want to, but want to know more about the podcast anyway for some reason, feel free to ask here.

Oh, yes, the whole thing is here: http://elektrubadur.se/

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Re: Elektrubadur: New Swedish short story podcast

Post by tbaker2500 » Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:39 am

Hey, good luck to you, man! It's hard to go wrong with the DC as your reference.
Thanks for letting us know!
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