Twabble censorship

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Re: Twabble censorship

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Ok so after re-reading my post it may not appear that I am really fighting and in reality I am at a beer garden plotting vengeance but seriously tomorrow I will pick up your banners and take that freaking hill
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Re: Twabble censorship

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unreliable narrator wrote:Mod note: split from main twabble thread, as slightly off topic there, July 12, 2014
unreliable narrator wrote:My mum told me having one testicle does not make someone a freak but I still say it's creepy and she should have it removed.
I appear to have offended people with this post which was not my intention.
I'm coming to this waaaaay late, but I have to say this had me snorting coffee through my nose. Bravo, sir. I even forgive you my nasal scalding.
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Re: Twabble censorship

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I think it's hilarious.
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