Cooking For Cannibals

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Cooking For Cannibals

Post by Hellcat »

It's always hard to decide what to eat when it comes to meal times. Should you pick something quick and easy? Or go the whole hog, and start from scratch? Then there's the other question of what cuisine to have,

Plucking at the pages of my cook book for inspiration, I finally settle between two choices. Brain batter with spaghetti entrails, or battered brain and fingers?

Both are relatively quick I suppose, but the first means sticky fingers, and I hate that. Plus, who doesn't like soft crunchy textures?

Oh frick, I forgot to check the English-man's expiration date!
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Re: Cooking For Cannibals

Post by Suomy Nona »

Ahhh, culinary delights for flesh eaters. For lunch today, I think I’ll just have a nice Cup of Joe with a Sam and Cheese Handwich and a side of Dickens Fingers...

... it’s like lamb, if you cook it correctly and use the right spices it could be a new favorite... but if you do it wrong it’s just plain inedible to those not yet starving.
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Re: Cooking For Cannibals

Post by eric_marsh »

Lab grown meat put human on the table. It was savory and popular. Free range products soon developed a cultic following.

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